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Organized in partnership with the CNRS, the trade fair’s Tech Corner highlights cutting-edge technology every year.

After the success in 2019 of the Paper Touch packaging innovation, then in 2020 of CÏSCO2, a research group from the University of Lille, with a new method to characterize surfactants.

For the 2021 edition, it was the turn of "Touchy Finger" innovation to surprise us. Specialist in touch engineering, Dr Roberto Vargiolu, Doctor of Research Engineer and Pr Hassan Zahouani, Co-inventor of the LTDS of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the CNRS, have developed an innovative device for an augmented and connected human finger.

By simply fitting her finger with a ring equipped with sensors, the consumer will be able for the first time to assess the softness of her skin and hair. The ring data, analyzed remotely by an AI algorithm, will identify a sensory profile. Ultra-personalized cosmetic treatments can then be offered by brands, in order to offer a new sensory experience to their customers.