Shared skills and equipment

The different scientific communities can share their knowledge, skills and equipment through networks and research infrastructures. The CNRS Institute of Chemistry (INC) steers these tools or contributes to them on both national and international levels.


In 2011 the INC rolled out the RS2E research network that is dedicated to electrochemical energy storage technologies: rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors etc. In this it was supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The RS2E network currently includes 17 INC research units, 15 industrial partners and 3 public institutions (including the CEA).


The Increase network with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region was launched in May 2016. It is dedicated to green chemistry: eco-design, renewable resources, etc. It brings together nearly 200 researchers from 8 research laboratories as well as people from the chemical industry.


FedPV, the federation on photovoltaics brings together 5 laboratories. Its objective is to coordinate R&D activity in France on photovoltaic energy.

The national chemical library

The national chemical library was created in 2003, at the initiative of the INC. It offers a collection of 45,000 samples of natural or synthetic original products from the laboratories of approximately 60 French public research institutions. These samples are made available to public or private scientific groups who wish to assess novel molecules in specific biological tests.