High level research

The staff of the CNRS Institute of Chemistry (INC) laboratories are the ambassadors of French chemistry of which they enhance the prestige on an international level. Their proposals for projects and publications are evaluated daily by their peers to the highest level.


The percentage of publications from chemistry laboratories linked to the CNRS and their impact in French scientific production in the field of sciences of matter and life sciences counts for 80 %.
Jacques Maddaluno, INC Director

Researchers who are recognized internationally

Researchers of INC laboratories are regularly distinguished by major awards in both basic and applied research.

Four Nobel Prizes in Chemistry (since 1987)

  • Jean-Marie Lehn (1987)
  • Yves Chauvin (2005)
  • Martin Karplus (2013)
  • Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016)

Innovation: some awards

  • Gilles Gosselin (European Researcher Award 2012)
  • Cathy Vix (2016 CNRS Innovation Medal)
  • Jean-Marie Tarrascon (CNRS iInnovation Medal and Samson Award  2017)

 (source: DASTRE – CNRS 2014-2015)