Drive and coordinate research, from the atom to material

The CNRS Institute of Chemistry (INC) promotes fundamental research, a source of knowledge and applications from the perspective of design, theory, modelling, synthesis, analysis and industrial processes. Identifying emerging subjects and fostering the creative nature of the discipline is one of the central elements of its policy. However, the Institute is also keen to support outstanding actions and strategic knowledge.

To facilitate access to scientific resources

To guide his/her work, a researcher must establish the state of the art in his/her field and at the interfaces of other disciplines that share a common research aim. (S)he thus needs easy access to the most up-to-date scientific references. To guarantee scientists this broadest access to both publications and reference databases, the INC relies on the CNRS Institute for Scientific and Technical Information via a dedicated website.


Communicate and develop results

The CNRS Institute of Chemistry (INC) communication concerns the news of its laboratories and distributes this to the general public, industry and other research stakeholders.

The INC communicates through the CNRS media: CNRS Le Journal, the CNRS News webzine (for the international community), the CNRS Innovation letter (intended for industrialists), the letter Live from the labs (intended for the press). Generic media such as press releases, the website and social networks enrich this communication, as do public events (CNRS Forum, Horizon Chemistry Forum, Chemistry Village) and those intended for industry and the scientific community.

Ensure safety in its laboratories

The protection of personnel, facilities and the laboratory environment is a matter of great concern for the INC which supports the improvement of safety in research units through fundraising campaigns for the purchase of new safety equipment, the maintenance of existing equipment and ensuring facilities are secure. These actions are managed annually by the INC in collaboration with the prevention and safety engineers of the CNRS's regional delegations.

A unique CNRS laboratory!

Furthermore, the INC coordinates the activities of the "Chemical Risk Prevention" service unit. This unit makes an important contribution on products and chemical processes used or generated in laboratories of all disciplines in terms of expertise and advice, training and information. Its actions and recommendations of a scientific, technical and regulatory nature are addressed to the scientific community and its public and private partners.

Preventing chemical risks